Patrick Norman - Director | PRESS
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Praise for Pinned


“A perfect snapshot of the pain and glory of high school wrestling.”
-David Moss, FOX News


“This is Independent film making at its best. An exhaustive, unique survey of a passion-driven American subculture.”
-Stewart Nusbaumer, The Huffington Post


“The Norman Bros. get deep inside a sport that few teens could stomach and wisely allow its devoted characters to speak for themselves. I could taste the mat.”
-Doug Pray, Director of Scratch, Surfwise, and Art & Copy


“Crisp. The Norman boys have pinned down a winner.”
-Stan Urankar, Cleveland Sun Newspapers


“If you’re a fan of high school sports — especially wrestling — you’ll want to see Pinned.”
-Dan Coughlin, Coughlin Unplugged


“The Normans provide an expertly crafted sports story for those who respect, fear and perhaps fear for high school’s most devoted athletes.”
-Skylar Browning, Missoula Independent